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TV Reception Issues

fix tv reception issue


When you have reception issues with your antenna, this can be a maddening problem. Pixelation is common, and it can ruin your viewing experience. At Antenna Genie, we believe no customer should have to live with reception issues, and this is why we utilise the highest-quality equipment available when we take on TV antenna installations in Sydney.

Common Reception Issue Warning Signs

Several warning signs indicate that indicate reception issues with your antenna, and it may be time to call a licensed and insured TV antenna installation and repair company if you notice them. Warning signs that something isn’t quite right with your system include:

  • Pixelation – Pixelation is one of the most significant signs of reception issues. When this happens, the image looks grainy, is difficult to see, and may have discolouration.
  • Freezing – As your reception starts to deteriorate, your picture can freeze or skip. This freezing or skipping may happen intermittently, or you may experience it as an ongoing issue. It can get worse with the slightest interference or with bad weather.
  • No Signal – You may not get a signal at all, and you’ll end up with a black screen with a large “no signal” warning sign. Just like the other symptoms, this may come and go, or it can be a constant.

Why You Should Choose Antenna Genie to Solve Your Reception Issues

Antenna Genie has a solid reputation for offering high-quality TV antenna installations in Sydney. We bring decades of combined experience to each project we take on, and we take pride in having the best equipment available on the current market.

We’ve also streamlined our processes to offer some of the best troubleshooting methods available. Our staff will come to your home or office and go through the property to locate your issue. Once we zero in on it, we’ll give you a comprehensive quote that outlines what it would cost to fix it.

If you choose to allow our company to perform your repair work, we’ll set up a time that is convenient for you. We give our clients 20-year warranties, and we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any further issues, repair or routine maintenance needs.

Contact Antenna Genie and Allow Us to Fix Your Reception Issues Today!

Don’t spend another day with sub-par reception. Instead, call on our experts and allow us to fix your problem. You can reach out and contact us today for more information.

How to fix your TV’s picture pixelating?

Although most pixelation on your digital television may be caused by the antenna, or other components in your antenna system, there may be external factors as well.

External factors that cause TV reception issues & interruptions may be from some LED lights in your  home, train lines, electric fences nearby, 4G mobile towers, etc.

Simply put, your TV is not happy with other signals coming from other devices, which is basically the electromagnetic energy for those who prefer the scientific terminology. The effect of these signals is on the quality of the signal, rather than its level, which means buying a signal booster will not fix your TV reception issue but will tend to worsen it.

Who can fix my TV reception issues?

✓ Request an obligation-free testing

✓ We will come and diagnose the cause of your TV reception issue and provide a quote

✓ All our certified Genies carry high-end test equipment, to test signal strength and interference. We have the solution.

Same-day TV reception issues fixing service:

Our Genies carry all the magical parts to fix the problem fast and efficiently. On the same day!

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What Our Clients Say

These guys are brilliant, I wish they did more than just antennas! In and out in under an hour, and they guaranteed my reception as well, so any dramas and they’d be back to sort it out any time. Highly recommend

-Brock, Castle Hill

Russell from Antenna Genie showed up exactly on time, they explained how they would test and diagnose the issue, and got straight to work. Within 20 minutes he knew exactly where the problem was and quotes us to fix everything. We were up and running again in less than an hour, thanks guys!

-Melissa, Liverpool

Never been so impressed with a tradie or handyman. Very respectful, always asked permission to enter the house or check anything. He also kept us informed every step of the way, and let us know where he was at and what the costs would be. Now our signal is perfect!

-Ahmed, Casula

Jason was fantastic – he really knows what he’s doing. He actually saved us quite a lot of money by using the existing mounts and cables that were in the walls as he tested them and knew they were in good condition. We managed to get crystal clear signal for $125! Totally stoked, thanks Antenna Genie.

-Marissa, Penrith

Amir was a great technician, showed up on time and did a very tidy job. Will be recommending you guys to all my friends, thanks again!

-Jennifer, Liverpool

Amir did a fantastic job with helping us get our tv connections sorted. He was very polite and professional and helped us with all of our needs

-Sofia, Bondi
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