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Getting the Right Antenna System

November 8, 2017 By Antenna Genie


Getting the correct receiving equipment is essential to receive free-to-air TV. While a poor TV reception could have various reasons, the antenna is usually the primary factor, either because the antenna installation was not correctly provided by your antenna installer, or maybe it has broken or needs some kind of maintenance.


From time to time, it’s a good idea to check if your antenna system is in good shape, especially if it’s been exposed to the harsh weather over a long period, including the strong winds. You don’t want to miss on the latest TV channels because of your antenna.

How to determine the right antenna system?

  1. Your location: this affects the signal coverage and frequencies.

From coastal locations to isolated areas, locations hugely vary and so does the signal coverage. The weaker the signal is, the more the effort should be made to optimize the antenna installation. Pointing your antenna towards the broadcasting site that provides the optimum coverage to your place and tuning your TV receiver to the services your antenna is directed at will ensure the best reception.

Digital frequencies are location-specific, so your location will obviously affect which frequencies your antenna will receive.


  1. Your equipment: just an antenna, cable and fly lead.

This might be too technical and might require the intervention of an antenna installer to make the process smooth. You might also ask the locals in your area for recommendations and insights about the signal from the experience, if they know of any reception problem or signal coverage that might require a signal booster.


  1. Antenna installation: correctly polarized and pointing towards the right TV tower, obviously outdoors.

A professional antenna installer should do a good job by getting you the right design, size and type of antenna and install it properly. These could depend on the desired frequencies that you would like to receive, and the knowledge of the correct frequencies in your area. Please remember that climbing on your roof is an extremely dangerous task to complete and requires expertise, so you would better contact an antenna installation expert to make sure your antenna is safely and correctly installed.


A perfect antenna installation is the one that provides the right signal gain to receive the frequencies, ideally without a signal booster. It should also be configured to minimise the reception of any unwanted signals. It should withstand extreme weather conditions and birds.
Note: Australian-made Antennas usually meet these criteria, while the ones for global markets may not.


  1. Maintenance: just like anything in your unit, needs maintenance to avoid rude or breakage.

If your antenna has been properly installed, it should not require much attention. You might want to do occasional quick inspection to make sure it remains in its position and right direction, without changing direction or missing any elements, especially after severe weather conditions.



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